Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Wish List

Here's to a start of a great week! My mom, boyfriend, aunt and I are headed off to an art fair in Old Town (Chicago), so I wanted to leave you with a few pieces from my wish list. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Thanks for reading!!

Skirt: Sunblaze Lace Skirt, Anthropologie {$148.00}
Dress: Stripe Weekend Dress, Banana Republic {$69.50}
Purse: H&M {$17.95}
Bracelet: Renegade Cluster Bracelet, Stella & Dot {$59.00}
Pants: Oasis Floral Print Trouser, Asos {$74.57}


  1. Hey there! Love your blog! I'm a new follower!

    I actually have a blog that I feel you may be interested in! It's and it's a blog dedicated to finding the best deals on the hottest trends! I also take requests--say there's this dress you're dying to have, or a vacation you're dying to go on; send me a request (through the Deanna's Deals Facebook page: and I'll send you links to the best deals!

    Again, love your blog! And your style is amazing!

    1. Hi Deanna -

      Thanks for checking out my blog! I will definitely follow you :)